Your personal living space

No matter how inspirational the design, if a residential space does not feel like a home, then the interior project has fallen short. We work with each client to explore the elements of living that create both pride and comfort. The right colour palettes, the right materials and the right logic in a journey through a living space  from a statement of occasion in a room designed for entertaining to the cosiness of a family room or bedroom. And whatever mood is being created, the importance of practicality  a usable space  is always top of mind. From grandeur to modesty, form always follows function.

We understand that design is more than just aesthetics; it is a multi-faceted process that is influenced by many factors. By carefully curating sub-contractors proposals, acting as a single repository of information and maintaining open communication amongst various parties we ensure a continuity of design that truly reflects the clients goals. We dispense with the usual supply chain in which each party takes a cut.

Instead we work directly with skilled artisans to provide unique, luxurious furnishings and finishes. We have built trusted, direct relationships with the very finest craftsmen across numerous specialist disciplines. Our clients pay only for the value that is delivered. Our charging structure is totally transparent: we charge a fee for our design and project management services, while all third party expenses are billed at cost.

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